Higeku Site (XSite) Alpha

Higenku Main site is the port for new users to get to know the project, it's like other projects like GTK show what they do and why they do it. We also store legal documents here.

Higeku Documentation (XDocs) WIP

All Higenku Documentation, this means that here is stored guides, tutorials, api references and much more. This documentation is also (as most of higenku software) community supported.

Higeku Account (XAccount) WIP

Higenku Account System is how we manage accounts. Instead of haing many differents accounts, we provide a system that manages everything and all other systems just get the information from it.

Higeku Store (XStore) WIP

Higenku Store, is where you (as the user) can discover new apps, download them and be happy giving rewards. On the other hand, you (as the developer) can publish apps, update information, get acess to higenku apis (auth, sync, etc) and get rewards.

Higeku Neko (XNeko) Future

This is the Free Open IDE for multiple Languages based on VSCode but with rust and our UI Framework in orther to make it more lightweight and compatible with the XRuntime. On top of this, it also supports VsCode Extensions.

Higeku RedRay (XRedRay) Future

This is the Open Source environment for applications in the cloud. It's based on podman and

Higeku Suite (XSuite) Future

This is the Free Open Source Tools for Office Suite provided by the Higenku Project. We developed our own format for writing, so be sure to look into the spec before migrating.

Software Development Kits

Higeku Theme (XThm) Alpha

CSS theme for html applications

Higeku krome (Xkrome) Alpha

Webview library, with support for multiple windows based on the tauri wry and tao libraries

Higeku Quark (XQuark) Future

Cross platform User Interface Framework

Higeku Key (XKey) Future

Wrapper around freeddesktop keyring, wincred and macos keychain. A way to safely store sensible information on the users computer


Higeku Packer (XPacker) WIP

Cross platform, cross language packer for the XRuntime

Higeku Manager (XMan) WIP

Higenku Command line Application manager for the xruntime, install, update, run and remove applications with xman

Higeku Pacman (XPacman)

Repository Brigde (pacman and brew) for downloading various packages

Higeku Build Environments (XBens) Alpha

Build environments for assembly applications including rust, c, c++ and more.

Higeku Backup (XBak) WIP

Git based Backup System for the XRuntime